[To My Friends] MON 3 JUL 2017–The visible rewards gained from unseen virtue are boundless and immeasurable.


Hurrah to our awe-inspiring fellow members!
A great victory was won based on
the solidarity of the people.(*)
The visible rewards gained from
unseen virtue are boundless and
Let’s all gain even more trust from
those around us together with
even more fortune and benefit and
lead magnificent, triumphant lives!

(*)Soka Gakkai (in Japan) endorses the Komeito party, which has won a sweeping victory in the July 2, 2017, Tokyo Metropolitan assembly election. All 23 candidates won their seats.

The Komeito was originally founded by Soka Gakkai in 1964 but later separated as an independent entity, with Soka Gakkai providing only electoral support. The Komeito is committed to giving political voice to the most vulnerable and underrepresented members of society on the issues of peace, social security, education, the environment and human rights. It works to protect the interests of non-union labor and people who worked in small and medium-sized companies, constituencies that makes up a large segment of the Japanese public.

(**) “Unseen Virtue and Visible Reward,” WND I p. 907
Full excerpt: “Where there is unseen virtue, there is visible reward.”