[To My Friends] TUE 23 JAN 2018–Let’s take the best care of our health!

Influenza is rampant! Rigorously observe preventative measures such as washing your hands, gargling, wearing surgical masks(*), using a humidifier and drinking plenty of liquids. Let’s take the best care of our health! (*)In Japan and some other densely populated Asian countries, it is social etiquette to wear a surgical mask when one has a cold or flu to prevent spreading the virus. It is also worn to keep from catching cold or the flu.

[To My Friends] WOW MON 22 JAN 2018–‘Joy’ means that oneself and others together experience joy.

The general meetings of the “sisters of the Kayokai(*),” redolent with hopes and dreams, herald the coming of spring. “[‘Joy’ means that] oneself and others together experience joy.”(**) Let’s illuminate society and the future with the light of friendship and inspiration! (*)Kayokai is a special young women’s training group throughout the SGI. In Japan, the young women are holding commemorative meetings in January. (**)Refers to “joy” [in the passage “the benefits of responding with joy” (OTT, 146)